Corona virus novel 2019 (2019-nCoV) or more than known with Corona Virus. Corona Virus can be cause accute respiration sindrom, pneumonia which is accute and kidney failure.

WHO formally gave name COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and set that public health disruption which world unsettling or (Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)). Amount case addition COVID-19 infection pretty fast enough, until april 19th 2020, the total reported 2.203.927 case confirmed with 148.749 dead (CFR 6,74 %) from 213 country. In Indonesia, case confirmed reported 6.575 with 582 dead (CFR 8.85%) (Health Minister, 2020). However until now, vaccine which can be prevent infection corona virus not yet avalaible, so that public encouraged to do higienis life and always take care body immunity.

Research Team Peter Doherty from Institut for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institut), A Coperate University Institution and Royal Melbourne Hospital, told that human immunity system respon Corona Virus which same with usual influenza. Immunity shall react with sending white blood shell and make antibody to fight and kill that virus (

Quassinoid which contained in akar pasak bumi can make progress secretion, IL-12 which a respond mediator immunity brough cause to activatiton macrofag for microorganism stimulation with function shell effector development NK (Natural killer). IL-12 is a important mediator between innate immunity with specific immunity adactive and making progress specific immunity that can protect human from bactery product and virus. IL-12 make stimulating production IFN -ɣ by NK shell and progress sitolitic function shell NK and CD8+. Pasak Bumi root has potential as imunomodulator agent. Researching with using etil acetec fraction Pasak Bumi Root show fagocitosis activity (Arifah and Nurkhasanah, 2014). this Imunostimulan effect and imonomodulator is needed for caring immunity system in face on Covid 19. Clinic experiment in Japan, imunomodulator effect is reported with progress T shell, Tshell CD 4+ whith giving 200 mg/day as long 4 weeks (drug.Com)

Pasak Bumi / Tongkat Ali has anti microorganism effect too. Activity anti parasite (can kill parasite) that proven in test like in vitro for malaria infection caused by parasite Plasmodium. The womb Quassinoid can be stop nucleat acid syntetic P. falcifarum in red blood shell human accompanied failure syntetic pritein. This effect is responded adactiv on malaria infection. Akar Pasak Bumi is anti malaria too can be making progess TNF-α that making strong working. Limfocit shell Th1 produce IFN-γ with playing role as macrofag activator for fagocitocit parasite. (Kahtan, et al 2008)

Activity anti virus from pasak bumi extraction has been tested as in vitro for virus with dengue fever. Activity anti virus dengue on culture shell DENV1-3 with IC50 as big as 33, 84-58, 35 with 100 % reduction. Activity antivirus confirmed with diferentiaton load viral. Pasak Bumi Extrac can be making progess limfocit and NK Shell ( Natural Killer) that can be differentiation effects that appear to the patient whom infected dengue (George, A and Chinappan, 2018).

Beside that, Akar Pasak Bumi contain antioxidant which very high. antioxidant Testing with DPPH method show Extrac pasak bumi, Etil Acetat fraction and it’s isolate has IC 50 value value as 15,636; 13,948; and 3,961 µg/ml with show very the power antioxidant Activity antioxidant can figth free radical comommly which caused degenerative disease such as coronary hearth, hypertention and anti cancer. quassinoid Contain, flavonoid and alkaloid is an antioxidant contained in pasak bumi that usability on above (Haryani, 2013)

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